Saxcraft LigatureSaxcraft was founded in 2009 by me, Pieter van Kessel. It once started out as a hobby of selling vintage saxophones, but the hobby has gotten out of hand. In the years past I expanded my in depth knowledge of the saxophone and its’ mechanism and have repaired and revised many. One thing led to another and I developed the Saxcraft Ligature. With great joy I’was daily working with this beautiful instrument. To me the most important aspect is; customization.

For health reasons, I unfortunately had to decide to stop the revision and sale of saxophones. From the beginning of 2020 I limit myself to the sale and further development of the saxcraft Ligature. The collection of ligatures will be further expanded in the coming period. My entire collection of saxophones is now for sale at Bas en Sax by Johan Jonker in Heukelum.

The Saxcraft Ligature has been specially developed for optimum sound and many big names in the saxophone world already agree with that.