Vintage Saxophones

Vintage, in wine, means that the wine was made and bottled in an exceptional year for harvesting. In the saxophone-world it means the instrument is handmade with high quality alloys. The most significant brands to bare the title ‘vintage’ are; Buescher, The Martin, Conn, King, Selmer and some of Buffet Crampon.

A vintage saxophone distinguishes itself mostly by the color of its’ tone, which, in general, is much fuller, thicker and warmer then that of most modern saxophones. It’s no surprise that most professional saxophone players choose a vintage saxophone to play on, with a large preference for the Selmer Mark VI (the Rolls Royce of saxophones).

This doesn’t mean other vintage saxophones aren’t of impeccable quality. In fact, there are still people that prefer a Conn Lady-Face or King Super 20. If anything else, choosing a saxophone remains a matter of taste and requires a sense of it being right for you.

Buying a vintage saxophone is completely customary!

All vintage saxophones come with a warranty of a year and, if necessary, maintenance. Small repairs can sometimes be taken care of immediately. For complete revisions or restorations of vintage saxophones you can expect a proposition for time and price. Since we only have a small workspace we only work on appointment, so that you are sure to be free to take all the time you need to find the right saxophone. Saxcraft is specialized in selling Buescher, The Martin, Conn and King, but all other brands are welcome to be traded in and therefore sometimes found in our assortment.

Buying a vintage saxophone will always be a matter of taste and having that feeling that a certain saxophone is right for you. To make sure you experience this, we invite anyone to try our vintage saxophones right here, without hurry and while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.


Do you want to buy a vintage saxophone with us and trade in your old one? That’s obviously no problem. Ideally it would be a vintage saxophone, but any model can be traded in.