“I am still extremely satisfied with the ligature and it became irreplaceble.

The attack is very direct and easy because metal doesn’t erase any vibration

of the mouthpiece. Therefore the overtone spectrum of the tone is rich

and colorful. It is extremely robust and it seems like it’s going to

hold forever. It doesn’t loose it’s shape an it’s fast to take on and off.”

– Philipp

“Yesterday I played with the Saxcraft Ligature for the first time.

Simply amazing! Even for me as a beginner it

makes it much lighter and more precise.”

– Micheal

“I’ve used it every day and I like it a lot, so I want to keep it.

Thanks for the faith to give me time to try it out.”

– Fieke Hordijk

“During the ‘Westlandse Saxofoondag’ in Januari, I took a

Saxcraft Ligature on a trial basis. It suits me very well.”

– Suzanne Zandbergen

“Incredible! Even on an LW-mouthpiece, that sounds

very powerfull on it’s own, it makes the tone even more so.”

– Jozef Haffner